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From the Southern Foodways Alliance, a celebration of southern food.
"Why would a boy who never harmed a soul fall under the spell of another, believe he was part of a foreign cell, and kill his friend to prove his obedience and loyalty? And how do we, the civilized members of an advanced democracy, restrain our impulse to treat tragically misguided adolescents as adult miscreants? Kathryn Eastburn addresses these questions in a riveting true story, told with clarity and honesty. Simon Says is a quick read that leaves you sadder and wiser." —Frank Ochberg, M.D., Chairman Emeritus, The Dart Center for Journalism, and originator of the "Stockholm Syndrome" concept
"An affectionate, even loving portrayal of a tradition of song and community by a journalist who came to take a quick look—and ended up staying—to feed her `heart's hunger.'" —Buell Cobb, author of The Sacred Harp: A Tradition and Its Music

A Sacred Feast: Reflections on Sacred Harp Singing and Dinner on the Ground (University of Nebraska Press, 2008)

"A Sacred Feast is the product of Eastburn's simultaneous desires for documentation and self-understanding. As she witnesses the transformative power of sacred harp singing and community, we share in her growth vicariously. Although participants might share a slice of cake or a songbook with each other, they also share life."
--Jessica Orr, Gastronomica

"Dishes with charming names like `Ivalene Donaldson's Lazy Man Fruit Pie' beg to be tested. A Sacred Feast appears equal parts historical documentary and cookbook, with the pensive, yet lively and descriptive writing for which the author is regarded."
--Matthew Schniper, The Colorado Springs Independent

"Here is what you will feel after reading this book: hungry! Each chapter comes loaded with recipes that Eastburn has collected from Sacred Harp gatherings, and foodies will love the heavy does of culinary Americana in her short and enjoyable book."
--Paul Harvey, Books & Culture

"Filled with harmony, heartache, and home cooking, A Sacred Feast is at once the best-ever culinary travelogue about singing and a soul-searching look at the heart of America."
--Tim Eriksen, singer, songwriter, ethnomusicologist, and Sacred Harp teacher and enthusiast

"A wonderful, well-written description of twenty-first-century Sacred Harp singing from coast to coast through the eyes of a first-generation Sacred Harp singer. Marvelous recipes!"
--Amanda Denson Brady, recording secretary, Sacred Harp Publishing Company

“Kathryn Eastburn has done us all a great service with this wonderful book about Sacred Harp singing. With curiosity and humanity, she tells the story of a community of people held together by the most powerful of bonds—tradition, song, and food. She writes in elegant, crystal-clear prose, and it is a pleasure to be transported by her all across America to gathering after gathering, learning and celebrating as we go.”
--Richard Goodman, author of French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France

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